You were done rotten by dirty Curty and leaving the villa was a baller move, done out of the utmost respect for yourself and everyone involved. Then, in a moment of bona fide cuteness, she asked him to be her boyfriend just before he was going to ask a similar question. My main memory of Elma was her being supremely horrified by Maura's declarations of lust for Tommy during their first dates on the lawn. But, as a viewer, lord did he cause popcorn-worthy drama. I hope he never feels an ounce of sadness for the rest of his life. These parents of a stuffed elephant named Ellie Belly were solidly together for most of their time in the villa, with a Casa Amor reunion more romantic than anything in Pretty Woman or The Notebook. He was fluttery like a dragonfly without being shallow. I am confident Jamie said he went on Love Island for Camilla, and this discerning and soft Calvin Klein model watching the show, seeing Camilla, applying to meet her, getting cast, and the two hitting it off is the luckiest thing in the world. Get him into theI'm A Celebjungle. You have improved my life, made it so much more fun, especially in the current world that is, to quote John Mulaney, "an on-fire garbage can." Internally, Megan is an agent of chaos, a hub of drama full of contradictions. Web99 votes, 29 comments. He made an otherwise uneventful villa fun to observe. But Max crawled back to Jess, and she kindly gave him a second chance. Gemma Owen and Luca Bish were the runners-up, Dami and Indiyah came in third and Tasha and Andrew were in fourth place. WebLove Island 2021 cast ages: How old are the contestants? Among the contestants is Hugo Hammond, a former England Physical Disability cricket player. Tommy Fury turned into a softie, one who still liked Hannah Montana but now had a better understanding of the lyrics thanks to his newfound brush with love. From Elizabeth Weber and Korey Gandy to Justine Ndiba and Calvin Cobb, Love Island's most likable contestants run the full gamut of personalities. When it comes to who has been the most popular couple, season three's Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt have come in first and we can see why. I still don't understand what Chloe did to her face in between like her intro video and arriving at the villa. Any of Amy's previous actions were absolved of all sin in the exact moment where she stood up, dusted herself off and flew home with a cool 1.1m followers and got a banging new haircut. I don't care what else he accomplishes in his life (including awesome music), that line should be on Wes's tombstone. After her short stint on the show, the boys decided to boot her off on day 25 leaving adam single in the villa. From Elizabeth Weber and Korey Gandy to Justine Ndiba and Calvin Cobb, Love Island's most likable contestants run the full gamut of personalities. He probably would've developed into a decent source of banter, but sadly it wasn't meant to be. His move was to twist the truth and turn the women he wanted to leave into the problem. Hugo was born with a clubfoot -a condition where a person's foot or feet I know they did not last on the outside and I wish them both well but, for purposes of this ranking, as its all about entertainment while watching Love Island, Jack and Dani are one of the best couples on the show. Probably one of the most divisive contestants on this year'sLove Island,every viewer seems to have a strong opinion on Anna, whether good or bad. Kady's worst was highlighted far more than her best, but that worst had tiers in itself: normal wild Kady vs. stay-away-from-her-forever Kady. Her attitude and the way she treats everyone around her is horrible. Liberty is an angel. They ended up voluntarily leaving together. Remember Joe? To be clear, I don't mean men like Adam, I literally mean Adam. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. When Joanna went home 12 days and multiple instances of Michael mistreating Amber later, he didn't leave. It was a BAFTA-worthy performance. Tommy's love is 80% of why he's on this list, but there's another 20% to consider, and it's a 20% Molly-Mae, with all of her poise, does not possess. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, TOM. I understand why you might vote the later, as Chris fell in love quickly and stood by her when he had every right to leave. Whether I mean it or not, I usually stick by it.". Extremely funny, honest, caring, self-aware, and engaging, Amber was impossible not to cheer on. Tommy Fury appeared in season 5 of Love Island which aired in 2019. That light did nothing but increase as he and Amber, the Islander Kem loved, went through their relationship ups and downs, like Amber's frolic-y flirting, Kem's gift of a symbolic bracelet, and him choosing to recouple with Chyna instead of staying loyal to Amber at Casa Amor (Kem thought they were over and that Amber would be with someone new, too). The only logical next step is to award Maura with the now-vacantJeremy Kyleslot. Ovie is the coolest motherfucker to ever set foot in any building anywhere. No. Even once? She stuck up for her friends, albeit often in an aggressive way, and held herself in high enough regard to not tolerate anyone's bullshit. Kady was also part of an altercation that resulted in the shortest-lastingLove Islandcontestant, a woman kicked out almost immediately after entering the villa because she was violent towards Kady. ITV Dami Hope, 26. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Tom. How many people watched the Love Island 2022 final? P leasures dont come more guilty than my annual Love Island fix. We're different now, but for the better. Season One Love Island star Sophie Gradon, 32, committed suicide in 2018. Them right there. Callum, based on what we got to see of him in five days, was a fun but airtime-deprived guy. For his first month-ish, Michael was liked and set to win with Amber. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Categorically, Molly-Mae was a slightly above averageLove Islandcontestant. A how-does-he-get-out-of-bed-without-falling-over doofus. They were a dream. Really prior to Sam, however, there was the kiss heard round the world. On the tenth day, God created Maura and she entered the villa with a view to having a bloody good time. For betterandfor worse, there will never be another Georgia. Very tricky to remember a single thing about this guy other than the deservedly viraltweet where he was absolutely bodied for looking like Simon Cowell. Get him onThe Chase. (It was Kem's classic phrase.). Paige Thorne, 24 is one of the first contestants entering the Love Island 2022 villa. New 'Love Island' contestants. Now, I am not here to talk about the man Liberty was coupled up with for her entire time on Love Island, her ex-boyfriend who didn't seem remotely genuine like, he shouted that Liberty told him she loved him instead of responding and he only told her he loved her when their relationship was on the line weeks later, not to mention his sole reaction to difficulties was to say, "You're my girlfriend," as if that is the answer to everything. In a construction-themed challenge where the boys were supposed to prove their sexiness, Chris pretended to be the building inspector. To be fair, when you're coupled up with King Ovie, it's likely that your personality is going to be slightly duller in comparison. With a boy-next-door smile and an energy my mother perfectly described as "a tenor in a barbershop quartet," ballroom dancer Curtis made so much more of an unforgettable impact than you would have ever expected him to. Imagine if we had had this magnificent creature in our lives from day one, imagine the memes, imagine the lols. Anna. We are not worthy. He held an eggplant and guessed it was a courgette or asparagus. I read the recap. Thank you. A handsome but ultimately very silent man. She's a sex-positive feminist hero who doesn't want to be friends with other women and loves to deride them behind their backs. Though, quite soon, Tyler forgot she existed at Casa Amor, which was the catalyst for Kaz to couple up with Matthew. Her early episodes were mostly spent with Sam basically a little league player voted class clown in a pairing so mis-matched I would understand if watching them kiss made you vicerally uncomfortable. Remember how powerful Jourdan was with a firm silence as she allowed Curtis to declare his feelings for her, thereby exposing himself as a big game player? So when the two saw each other again and she'd chosen him but he'd chosen Joanna Michael was furious. In a series that lacked some wow factor, bewitching-eyed democratic services officer Shaughna who, by the way, will age like fine wine did all she could to bring the wow. New data from Vera Clinic has shown who the most popular islander has been across the past 6 seasons from using IMDb data and Love Island fandom websites, as well The words"Are you 'jolkin?'" This sentiment from a guy whose one, single POA in life was to live with no regrets marked the true turn in Toby's transition from villain to parody, from annoyance to joy. Her strengths are who she is. You fucked it. You sacrificed your own happiness for misguided banter. Still, what we had was glorious from start to finish. She is proof thatLove Island isn't just meant for personal trainers and Instagram dwellers. We had some good content thanks to Lucie. She made the most of her time in the villa, failing to compromise her standards for the garbage rodents that infested the island. There is also that amazing moment when Shaughna pulled a chocolate bar she had kept for later out of her top, as true heroes do. When Tom blew it again, Maura tore him another new one to keep in the sexist suitcase he rolled out of the villa. Shaughna is a model of the sad fact that alpha women, especially those who are not blonde, can have a tough time onLove Island. She'd say so herself. But it's certainly the most noteworthy tattoo on a show filled with them (although the confusing Frank Sinatra on the thigh of "It's Not Unusual"-loving Liam gives Chris a run for his money). Kaz had to swim upstream in a system designed to eliminate her from the show. However, I can't write about Chris without mentioning a tattoo of his. But when the show does do love triumphantly, like with Dani and Jack or Sinnise and Luke T, it does it damn well. But she had her moments. Yes to Tom and Kady. Love Island 2023: All the contestants who have entered (and left) the villa so far All the islanders who have joined and left the villa so far Annabel Nugent , Isobel Lewis