Open Data Economy for data privacy, compliance and lean data science

We live in a world where consumer trust in enterprises being stewards of their data is fast eroding. Consumers are looking for inclusive enterprises who value digital decency, consent, compliance and shared monetization.



A SAAS platform that enables privacy for digital consumers, lean data science and compliance for enterprises. Built on blockchain and AI, ODE Infinity defines a new paradigm for digital engagement for enterprises.


Consumer technology that avoids exfiltration of data driving privacy while creating a true Consumer 360 for shared monetization.


Lean data science capability without the need to collect, store and manage consumer data. Compliance is organic.

How ODE Works

Drive opt-in permission directly from your users, simplify download and data deletion requests, and build trust with transparency.

Digital consumers

Digital consumers create a Consumer 360 in their data vault.

Data science

Data science, analytics, and compliance through a two-sided market place.

Competitive Landscape

There are two types of competitors, brokers, and data aggregators who continue to create the problems and siloed competitors who target either consumer services or data governance and compliance. We are the only solution that is holistically addressing the problem to create a win-win for the organization and the consumer.

# Features ODE Creators Aggregators Consumer Services
Personal data vault
Consumer 360
Consumer monetization
No data duplication/sharing
Encrypted block chain
Distributed Analytics

Meet Our Team

A pioneering group of individuals with the pedigree of running and transforming world-renowned organizations and founding members of multiple startups with successful exits. We value diversity of thought, meaningful work and relationships that are key to building the future of consumer data!

Sashi Edupuganti
CEO and founder
Prasad Putta
Engineering and Architecture
Nicolas Boaknin
Peter Rodseth
GM - Africa
G. N. Sivaramakrishna
GM - SE Asia
Gina Lepore
Caroline Ettl
HR Manager
Casey Falvey
Product Management
Jaspreet Bindra
Vikas Jakhar
Matt Hogan